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Cars – the most popular large mechatronics products

The technology, performance and styling of our cars is changing at higher speeds. Does the way we interact with them follow the same pace?

The title of this introduction may be an exaggeration, but, essentially, it is true. Today’s automobiles are, primarily, complex mechanical and electrical systems, but they are also computer controlled, using multiple processors and dedicated software.  Some cars do more than others in helping us drive safer, assisting the driver with automated or monitored tasks, or providing us comfort and entertainment. However, from drawing board to your driveway things may change a bit and the design may offer less than expected functionality, features, comfort or quality, for various reasons.

These pages do not intend to diminish the qualities of today’s cars, nor to disregard the development efforts embedded in them, but to draw attention to aspects we overlook or neglect in our evaluation process. Many will disregard these issues, acknowledge them as necessary trade-offs or just expect to get used to them. Nevertheless, we should be aware of such undesirable, unpleasant or just difficult to use features; this is why The Driving Room was created.

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